Argumentative Essay: Using mobile phones in schools

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Argumentative Essay: Using mobile phones in schools

December 16, 2015 Blogs Sample Papers 0

Argumentative Essay

The Ban Of Mobile Phones In Schools

The increasingly use of mobile phones by youngsters has raised an important question of policy for most of the schools. The majority of the schools worldwide are in the quest that whether or not they should ban mobile phones in schools premises. The arguments both in favor and in against of allowing mobile phones in schools are presented below and educators are recommended to consider both positive and negative impacts of mobile phones before making policies.

Mobile phones allow students to immediately seek the help in case of emergencies. Additionally, through mobile phones, incidences of violent attacks such as medical emergencies, kidnapping and fires within the school premise can be reported quickly to the concerned people so that immediate actions can be taken. The inaccessibility of mobile phones can prolong the valuable time of contacting the authorities. On the other hand, it is argued, that mobile phones and particularly Smartphones can be a source of distraction to their owners and colleagues. The distractions caused by the use of mobile phones can be in the form of a variety of entertaining applications, unrestricted internet access, phone calls, and text messages. In contrast, one benefit of the mobile phone is that it allows the parents to stay in contact with their children during school hours. For example, students when feeling ill can contact their parents to arrange a ride home. However, the ringing of mobile phones during class timings can be extremely disruptive since it can interrupt an important lecture or break the concentration of students. Placing a ban on mobile phones would be difficult and at the same time, a time-consuming initiative. Confiscation of mobile phones can lead to confrontations with the parents. On the contrary, allowing the students to carry mobile phones to schools increases the risk of theft. The majority of the mobile phones and specifically Smartphones are of great interest of the thieves since through this type of mobile phones, they can earn more money. Banning mobile phones can eradicate the risk of robbery and avoids the need for expensive replacement of the mobile phones.

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