Dissertation: Globalization

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Dissertation: Globalization

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Information for a Dissertation on Globalization

Globalization can be characterized as the procedure through which the world is interconnected by the means of powerful infrastructure and technology with intend to manage resources and communicate with others. Globalization tends to converse about various vibrant phenomena which ascertain two fundamental elements. Globalization has impacted the world in multiple ways. Some of these involve modification of the worldwide environment in societal conditions, economics, policy making, machinery, management, and investment. Additionally, globalization presents infinite opportunities for the business projects to expand their trade all across the globe. There are several examples in which the trade can be linked to globalization. The first example includes the exceptional growth in the foreign direct investment. Secondly, globalization can increase the competitive advantage through division of labor and specialization. Globalization has also resulted in the advancement in the technology innovation. Service industries including information, legal, managerial, and financial have also significantly benefited from the globalization.

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