Essay: Bullying and its Effects on Teens

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Essay: Bullying and its Effects on Teens

December 16, 2015 Blogs Sample Papers 0

This essay discusses the effects of bullying on young teenagers.

Bullying refers to physical, emotional or verbal intimidation. In schools, bullying is a rapidly increasing problem leading to violence. There are two types of bullying, direct bullying which refers to directly victimizing another student through verbal threats and physical intimidation and indirect bullying which occurs through spreading rumors about the victim. Boys are more into direct bullying while girls into indirect bullying.

Bullying can have long-term serious repercussions on the victim. It can lead to mental deterioration of the victim and as a result, his academic performance could badly get affected. Bullying is seen as a sign of weakness among those who practice it. It is often practiced by those children in school who are insecure and have their own set of problems. In order to appear stronger in front of their peers and gain recognition they resort to bullying. They often target those children who are not likely to retaliate or hit back. Through bullying, they reveal that they are strong, powerful and in control of every situation. This leads to appreciation and acceptability among their peers.

Bullying can result in lots of psychological problems among those children or students who are victimized. It can completely isolate them from other people because they may stop trusting others. Over the course of the time, constant bullying can lead to severe depression requiring prompt psychiatric treatment. Those children who become victims of bullying are likely to quit school or avoid going to school because of fear of being bullied. Their academic performance may also drop with time due to lack of concentration. When they are bullied they become obsessed with negative thoughts all the time and that affects their overall behavior. They may become irritable on petty issues, may start showing signs of complete breakdown and are likely to spend most of their time in school on their own. They live in constant fear that they can be bullied at any time and due to this fear they always feel depressed. Their self-esteem also gets badly affected.

Bullying is a serious problem and something that should not be taken lightly by school authorities as well as parents of those children who become victims of bullying. Parents should monitor the behavior of their child. If there is a sudden change in their behavior and they show signs of irritability or avoid going to school then it is an indication that something is wrong and they should take prompt action to tackle the situation or else things can only further deteriorate.

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