Essay: Current Threats to Security

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Essay: Current Threats to Security

December 16, 2015 Blogs Sample Papers 0

The following short essay discusses the most current threat to data security.

The first most potential threat to data security is non-existent security architecture. Often organizations or individuals lack an established security architecture that makes the network vulnerable to exploitation and consequently results in loss of confidential data and sensitive information. It is often noted that due to the absence of qualified IT staff, organizations’ networks are connected directly to the internet without any layer of protection. Inadequate protection of network certainly increases the vulnerability of data and leaves it susceptible to hacking viruses and malicious malware. Therefore, it turns out extremely essential to establish a robust security architecture which provides a roadmap for implementing necessary data protection measures.

The next threat to data is the existence of unpatched client-side software and applications. There is a variety of software and applications installed in a computer system including the out-dated versions, which can sometimes contain vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited by malicious attackers. The most appropriate way to mitigate this threat is to continuously update software and apply manufacture-recommended patches. Another potential threat to data is phishing or targeted attacks. Often malicious attackers attempt to gain access to confidential data through emails containing a malicious code, this technique is termed as phishing. In order to minimize the risk of phishing, the organizations must install professional enterprise-level email security software. Moreover, the organizations should arrange internet security training to make its employees aware of e-mail scams. Zero-day attacks are another threat to data and they aim to exploit software application vulnerability before the application vendor becomes aware of it. It is difficult to mitigate these types of attack. To prevent such attacks, it is essential to incorporate latest software patches and deploy the fix as soon as it is distributed by the developer.

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