Essay: Importance of Motivation

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Essay: Importance of Motivation

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Essay on Motivation

Motivation is referred to as internal as well as external factors that drive an individual to attain a particular goal. Different people have different needs and they are motivated accordingly. Some people are driven by money so they work hard each day to achieve their objective. Some people work hard to become sportspersons. Every single individual has a different way of being motivated and it depends on his or her personal needs.

Motivation at Workplace

In organizations, we see some employees as highly motivated individuals and they give their best at work. They stay at work for long period of time and work as hard as they can. Some people are not as motivated and just aim at completing their daily task and go back home.

Motivation in College

Motivation is a key factor which whether one is working in a company or a student studying in college. If there is no motivation a person just flows with the river and does not put sufficient efforts. In college students are motivated to complete their studies and find a highly paying job or start their own business. Their motivation is the fruitful career ahead once they complete their studies. They dream of making lots of money and buy their desired things like a car or a luxurious house. Throughout college and high school students are preached by their teachers and elders that once they successfully complete their education they will be highly rewarded in monetary terms. Some students feel motivated to attain these objectives and work as hard as they can.

Motivation in Sports

Sportsmen have their own objectives and they work hard to become popular and well-renowned athletes. They give their best in their respective sports game. For instance, in tennis every tennis player, be it a man or a woman, dreams of winning a grand slam. A grand slam is considered as the most prestigious title in tennis. They try to keep fit and remain competitive for as long as they can. They go through tough times but still some of them make it big and win rewards.

No matter which career field one pursues, motivation is very important to drive an individual forward. He or she must be motivated to work consistently towards attaining the major objective. Without motivation things become very difficult. It is just like having a car without fuel. Therefore, motivation is the fuel of life and whatever career we decide to pursue it helps us move forward in the right direction.

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