Research Paper: Human Resource Practices

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Research Paper: Human Resource Practices

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Human Resource Practices

There are different approaches of managing human resources such as the hard HR and soft HR. in the case of hard HRM; employees are treated as the resource that is utilised to make profits. Corporate planning in hard HR is strongly tied with the resources as the management analyses what resources are required and what is the quantity and cost. The focus of hard HR remains on the practices of hiring, moving and firing based on business needs only. Communication in hard HR is minimal and the communication is only from top to down. Also, the employees are paid minimum wages such that required staff can be retained. In such case, there is no system of rewarding and recognising on the basis of the efforts as appraisal system is linked to the performance of these employees. In hard HRM, there is little empowerment and delegation as the leaders follow autocratic style only.

On the other hand, in soft HR, the employees are treated as the source of competitive advantage and they are considered as a most important asset of the organisation. Employees also feel values as their needs are identified and planned accordingly. Based on employee-centric approach, soft HR keeps the focus on needs of employees in terms of their levels of motivation, desire for rewards and roles. Soft HR allows implementation of long-term workforce planning as the focus remains strategic. Also, the pay structure is competitive and there is performance as well as behaviour related rewards. Soft HR also allows empowering employees and delegating them responsibilities as the leadership style is democratic.

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