Research Paper: Social Computing

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Research Paper: Social Computing

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Social Computing

Business plans and procedures have been revolutionized since the use inclusion of Web technologies like social media in day to day operations. Social computing facilitates the quick spread of services, enhances communication with existing customers, and expedites teamwork. Acknowledging the significance of social computing, Department of Defence endorsed the use of Facebook and Youtube in the public offices. Furthermore, the social media websites could safely be used without breaching the security standards of DoD network. The Software Engineering Center (SEC) has extensively exploited the social computing tools for developing collaboration among the workforce as well as for enhancing organizational image within the DoD and in public. Social computing tools have gained widespread popularity among private ventures, government offices and particularly in SEC. The focus of this study was to dig the use of social computing tools in SEC and how its numerous types boosted organizational value. With the aim of gaining maximum benefits of the new social media tools and to pick the most relevant networking tools, various social computing platforms were ranked according to thirteen utilities. This ranking also highlighted overlapping of purpose among various social networking platforms, if any. The prospective tools were analyzed along with the current communications methods in use that are email, Army Knowledge Online (AKO), and Share Point.

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