Research Paper: Social Media

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Research Paper: Social Media

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Research Paper

Effect of Social Media on Brand Perceptions

Any form of media can be used to facilitate communication process and the purpose of media is to act as the source of information for the consumer. The process of information acquisition can be done through external or internal media sources and this process influences the judgment and choices about brands and brand equity. Moreover, purchase decisions are also affected by the influence of communication on social media. This is therefore found to be relevant to the conceptual framework in which the behavioral influences of innovation social media is evaluated on the dimensions of attitude and equity. Purchase decisions are positively related to the brand equity and brand attitude. Thus, brand purchase intentions of the consumers are important to determine the consumer perceptions of brands. Furthermore, when brand equity is high the probability of purchase of same brands increases. The purchase intentions are also influenced when positive attitude for the brand exists such that stronger purchase intentions are developed when the perception for brand superiority are positive in the minds of consumers. Thus, businesses can turn customers into loyal ones by addressing this area as loyal customers purchase the brand more than the moderate loyal or new customers.

One of the end results of customers’ learning procedure is brand trust that leads to Brand trust is the outcome of consumers’ learning process and it leads to self-confidence in expectations from the brands. Brand trust can be defined as a customer anticipation regarding brand’s consistency in unforeseen circumstances which is serious to relational marketing. In another way, elevated trust leads to higher sales, contentment from customers and brand loyalty.