Essay: The Old Order Changes yielding Place to the New

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Essay: The Old Order Changes yielding Place to the New

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This is a quotation from Tennyson’s famous poem Morte d’ Arthor where the hero, just before his death, utters this line to his companion:

The old order changes yielding place to the new,

And God fulfills Himself in many ways,

Lest one good custom should corrupt the world.

The plain meaning of the beautiful utterance is that change is the order of the universe. The changing order is a factor that protects things from becoming stagnant and rot. To avoid this, the replacement of the old order by the new is essential. One must always welcome something new because it brings with the chances of progress.

The universe is on continues flux: nothing is permanent, stable, and eternal in this world. The wheel of time is constantly spinning and whatever is new today is found old tomorrow. Change is the nature of the universe: childhood changes into youth, day into night, winter into spring, anger into a genial smile, storm into calm weather. On the stage of the world’ scenes follow scenes, acts follow acts, drama follows the drama. There is a perpetual change; nothing is static or stands still. Everything in this world is ephemeral expect the process of flux itself.

However, this change is both natural and essential. It is natural because bad things remained in the same condition they would have become stereotypes and stale and would lead to the corruption and evils. It is, therefore, essential that there should be a change so that the universe may not get worse.

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