Why College Student Cheat in Exams?

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Why College Student Cheat in Exams?

March 29, 2016 Blogs Sample Papers 0


According to a survey carried out cheating has increased and become more common in college than it was in previous years. Some observers felt that students are more concerned with finishing the course and getting a degree instead of worrying about the knowledge that they are missing out on by cheating. They are not cheating anyone but themselves, because the quality of their education and knowledge is very low, which deprives them of many chances in life as they themselves know that they will not be able to perform in certain situations because they are not really capable or worthy of the degree.


They deprive themselves of many opportunities in life because they are not up to par and do not possess the requisite knowledge for a certain situation or job. Cheating has become easier with new technology as students copy entire essays from the Internet, or have someone write their essays and papers for them. If these students are caught indulging in plagiarism or buying essays the consequences can be quite severe, such as being expelled from college or at the lease getting a failing grade. Cheating occurs everywhere from community colleges to Ivy League colleges. Since students are aware that cheating is dishonest why do they do it anyway?


Because they feel it is end result which is important, not how that result was obtained. College professors catch cheating students more easily than do high school teacher because they are better equipped, have more time and better resources than high school teachers. Most college professors have permanent status and more adaptability than high school teachers. High school students are basically treated as minors, but in college students have reached the age of adulthood and will be treated accordingly. High school education is basically funded by public taxes, but a college education is paid for by the students’ parents, or by the students themselves with their savings or their earnings. If you cheat in college, you are wasting your time and your parents’ very hard earned money, which they could probably use towards a better and secure retirement than funding your education in which you are using dishonest means.