Sociology Thesis: The impact of gender in society

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Sociology Thesis: The impact of gender in society

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Sociology Thesis

Fairer Sex

The fairer sex has always been dominated and discriminated by the male “Homo Sapiens”, even since pre-historic times. The image of the male dragging the female by the hair into his cave to cook his food or look after him or bear his children is still considered as normal in most societies. Men usually try to dominate by brute strength and playing the traditional role of the bread earner has added to his feeling of being the more, in fact, the most important member of his family. Discrimination on the basis of gender has always been present in every society. Consider any aspect of life, even religion and you will see that women have always been dominated by men.

Extent of Domination

The extent of domination varies from culture to culture and religion of the society. Statistics prove that although women constitute half of the population of the world, they earn only one tenth of income, do two-thirds of the work and own only one-hundredth of the world’s property. Of all forms of discrimination, none is so deeply entrenched than the way men have subordinated women. For all humans to be equal, they must rid themselves of issues like racism, class differences etc. But before this can be made to happen, the issue of “sexism” must be completely eradicated before any of the other “isms” can work. Women have always been subordinate to men and have always held the lower status.

Of the hundred of thousand of humans that have been immortalized, you will find that women honored or immortalized are very few. Even in the very advanced and developed west specifically America, women face discrimination or unequal treatment every day of their lives. Women have been considered inferior to men, and throughout history have not had the same legal rights or job opportunities as men. Women, however, started asserting their rights and have won the right to vote and be treated as equal to men. Women have traditionally been considered weaker than men and have been considered unable to perform heavy or intellectual work.

Domestic Work

Domestic work has always been a feminine occupation, and other tasks requiring greater strength and exertion have always been performed by men. Women have assumed the weaker sex because caring for children and the home was not considered doing heavy or responsible work. Tests now show that women have a greater tolerance for pain, such as when giving birth to children. A middle-class girl in America was expected to learn from her mother such domestic pursuits as cooking, cleaning and caring for children.

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