Custom Term Paper On Endangered Species

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Custom Term Paper On Endangered Species

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It is the duty of every person to help and preserve endangered species of both plants and animals because once they are extinct they will be gone forever. There are some things every person can do to help and preserve endangered species such as recycling and buying sustainable products like recycled paper, bamboo, and Forest Stewardship Council wood products to protect forest species and not buy furniture made from wood from rain-forests.

Recycle your cell phones, because a mineral used in cell phones and other electronics is mined in gorilla habitat. Minimize your use of palm oil because forests, where tigers live, are being cut down to plant palm tree plantations. In fact, never buy anything that is made from threatened or endangered species.

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Traveling trips, especially overseas are usually exciting and fun, and everyone wants a souvenir. But sometimes the souvenirs are made from species nearing extinction. Avoid supporting the market in illegal wildlife including tortoise-shell, ivory, and coral.

People should also avoid buying products made from the fur of tigers, polar bears, sea otters and other endangered wildlife, crocodile skin, live monkeys or apes.

Besides, people should not buy produces made fromĀ  most live birds including parrots, macaws, cockatoos and finches, some live snakes, turtles and lizards, some orchids, cacti and cycads, medicinal products made from rhinos, tiger or Asiatic black bear.

Causing distress to animals is both cruel and illegal. Shooting, trapping, or forcing a threatened or endangered animal into captivity is also illegal which can lead to their extinction.

Avoid participation in such activities and report it as soon as you see it to your local state or federal wildlife enforcement office. The greatest threat to most species is the absolute destruction of the environment.

Scientists tell us the best way to protect endangered species is to protect the special places where they live. Wildlife must have places to find food, shelter and raise their young. Logging, oil and gas drilling, over-grazing and development all result in habitat destruction. Endangered species habitat should be protected and these impacts reduced as much as possible.

By protecting the places where these species live and entire communities of animals and plants can be protected in one place. Parks, wildlife refuges, and other open space should be protected near your community. Open space also provides us with great places to visit and enjoy. Support wildlife habitat and open space protection in your community. When buying a house, consider your impact on wildlife habitat. All over the around 3079 animals and 2655 plants are endangered worldwide, compared with 1998 levels of 1102 and 1197, respectively. The amount, population trend, and conservation status of each species can be found in the lists of organisms by population.

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