Custom Research Paper: Conventional Physical Security

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Custom Research Paper: Conventional Physical Security

June 29, 2019 Blogs Sample Papers 0

Conventional Physical Security – Locks are some of the most important parts of the physical security of any network or system. Once physical security for any network or system is breached, it does not matter how strong or effective the system’s firewall or antivirus is, or which Operating System (OS) the system has installed on it. Even Encryption Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) does little to help in this case. Physical access to the system, server, or network can enable hackers to do all sorts of damage to a company. 

Most such attackers are adept in the art of lockpicking. Researching on the Internet helps these attackers a lot in terms of developing their arsenal their learning more, newer, and better ways to get past physical security. There is one such very popular resource, a paper called “MIT Guide to Lock Picking.”

Conventional Physical Security

An author who styles himself as “Ted the Tool” came up with this guide for anyone to learn picking deadbolt locks in as little or less than five minutes. Hackers, who are professionals in this art, train themselves and their lockpicking art to such extents that they become adept at getting past locks by picking in less than thirty seconds. It must not be assumed that systems are safe if they are kept under lock and key alone in the night hours. These times are the most auspicious for any would-be attackers.

The fewer number of relevant personnel around the night hours which helps potential attackers. It would be wise to use the kind of locking mechanisms that the Department of Defense makes usually employ. These are the kinds of locking systems that are used when there are life-or-death situations. These may cost as much as between five or ten thousand dollars. Rotary locks are another good idea due to their complexity in terms of cracking as compared to conventional deadbolt locks.

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