All Lives Matter

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All Lives Matter

July 2, 2019 Blogs Sample Papers 0

The All Lives Matter Movement emerged as a counter-movement to Black Lives Matter that was creating the civil disobedience throughout the United States. As the Black Lives Matter movement was only relying upon protests to acquire the public’s sympathy and was not making any significant contributions throughout American society. Moreover, the wrong objectives were only being focused by the Black Lives Movement as it only reflected the racial concept.

Despite considering the lives of all human beings and the race and promoting harmony, peace, and love for everyone, the issue with Black Lives Movement was that it only confined to the Blacks. One of the finest examples of it is the former mayor of New York – Giuliani who is a master of backlash politics and a renowned proponent of stop and frisk policing. Giuliani highlighted protests are never outraged by Black Lives Matter Movement when someone is murdered in Chicago every fourteen hours. This shows that the Black Lives Matter Movement only cares about Black life and displace and ignores the responsibility of Blacks behind the violence in the Black communities.

Black Lives Matter

The key issues with the Black Lives Matter are that it is segregating itself from other races and leading to bigger issues in this discriminating and post-racist world. In 2013, this movement was initiated after George Zimmerman was not held guilty for the murder of Trayvon Martin. Brutality against Blacks was mostly focused by the campaigns of Black Lives Matter.

It grew stronger with the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown who were two unarmed African Americans. However, a major flaw with respect to the purpose was apparent in Black Lives Matter. It focused upon brutality of police which does not is the case faced by blacks only, but by people of all races. According to the Statistics, around 623 individuals were killed by the agencies of law enforcement previous year. It involved not only Blacks but individuals of all races.

Moreover, an unbalance amount of justices is witnessed by the supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement against the black and whites. They perceive that in comparison to blacks, whites are mostly preferred by the law enforcement agencies which is not the case.

The Black Lives Matter Movement is only showing care towards blacks and not for other races. This eventually is creating more injustice and bigger issues than police brutality. The black supremacy is idolizing by the supported and the founders of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

All Lives Matter

It is indeed unfair that when the police treat the blacks wrong. But, it is also important to consider those Hispanics and Mexicans that are also harassed and killed by the police every day.

For example, the case of Ahmed Mohamed who was a fourteen-year-old kid and was discriminated and arrested for having a homemade clock in school. The police did not consider what a young and smart American Mohamed was, but indeed it discriminated him on the basis of his culture.

Besides it, the Black Lives Matter Movement appears to be a highly radical movement. It has sparked a huge national outcry only about those individuals who live in minority groups and are often looked down upon American society.

One of the major drawbacks of the movement is that some of its members represent the movement violently. For example, the assault the police officers and their vehicles. In addition, these are the key reasons that eventually have led to the creation of other movements such as Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter. Across different social media platforms, these movements through hashtags are responding to the Black Lives Matter Movement in reference to those police officials that have been assaulted and/or targeted by the rogue representatives and protestors of the movement.