When School was ruled by Science and Math in views of Mark Slouka

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When School was ruled by Science and Math in views of Mark Slouka

September 18, 2019 Blogs Sample Papers 0

In college life, Mark considered minimum requirements concerning science and math subjects. I imagine he may also have skimped on music, foreign languages, and history or even English. As no one will have such vacuous and narrow perspectives especially the one that has a liberal arts education and mindset. In his article, he reflected upon the story of an only child as a product of the uncontested narcissism. The child eventually finds out once he grew up that there are more popular people than him in the world. Perhaps in response, he acquired an academic degree. Further, learned how to craft and create good and influential sentences along with the accomplishment of satisfaction with himself and then also taught others to pursue the same.

However, along with this, observations were also tried to be made occasionally by Mark by integrating them into entertaining essays or stories. Distance has been the key theme which Mark has focused throughout this article, as it reflects upon a mind that has never experienced science and mathematics directly. I believe that great experiences generate great writing. These great experienced eventually are driven from the humility and curiosity of embracing life initially. Mark would not have composed a well-crafted essay if he even would have considered a few advanced math or science courses.

Also, some of the key concepts have been presented by Mark’s article, such as personal freedom and the political life of a nation. One can assume equally straightforward answers in an aspiring democracy. As contributions towards the development of autonomous human individuals have been taught. This is done in order to expand the independent-minded people, reasoning, and knowledgeable people both familiar and sufficiently with the world outside them so that they can contribute their breadth, compassion, and judgments.

This overall indeed make significant contributions towards the political life of the nation and also help individuals in searching for productive employment for them. Concerning this, teaching individuals instead of tasks so that significant participation in the infinitely and complicated worthwhile labor of forming citizens can be encouraged. This also helps both females and males in figuring out what may be best for them and predicting things that could be bad for them.

Above all, the possible changes that have been discussed throughout the article especially with respect to public policy have been first concerning education policy. The zeitgeist was reflected by the education policy in the article. Also, an incredible skill for co-opting or marginalizing systems of value was represented by capitalism. Still, in this article specific elegance was reflected by the success of capitalism.

Some of the proposed changes towards this policy it showed were by forcing the criteria to be met in order to acquire success along with bringing significant changes concerning education for healing purposes. However, one of the key issue analyzed was the vulnerability of success. The pathway of producing a nation of employees instead of citizens can be made if dangerous factors relative to the education can be downsized, specifically the deep civic function of the humanities and the arts.