Definition Essay: Child Delinquency

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Definition Essay: Child Delinquency

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As stated by various researchers, the base of a strong human society is the family. Therefore in order to maintain a sophisticated society, it is essential to maintain a healthy family environment. However, the children who do not receive sufficient attention of their parents and are inadequately supervised plus the children who are brought up in broken families are more vulnerable to the delinquent. The age adolescence is considered as the most crucial age period of an individual, since in this period the youngsters expand their geographic and social exposure to life beyond family and school. However, if teenagers are not supervised adequately during this period, they get engaged in criminal activities.

The behavior of children in their adolescent age can be easily understood by acknowledging various aspects of relationships within the family. Some of crucial factors that can influence the behavior of the youngsters include satisfaction, cohesion and family adaptability. The levels of cohesiveness of the family can easily predict the frequency of the delinquent acts. Both factors are indirectly related to each other, increases in the cohesiveness levels can certainly frequency of delinquent. Separation of the parents can produce the effects of multiple stressors on the children.

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Over the past several decades there has been dramatic change observed in the structure of families residing in United States. The modern American family life is nowadays characterized by explosion in cohabitation, non-parent guardians, increases in single-parent households, the propagation of stepfamilies, rising rates of teen pregnancy and high rates of divorce.

Various researches have pointed out that majority of the children in United States are grown up in single-parent households where three-fourths of the divorced men ultimately marry to another woman, while two-thirds of women also remarry.

Frequent transitions in the family structure can cause damaging effects on the functioning of the family and wellbeing of a child growing up in such family structures. It is noted by numerous researches that family structure transitions to a certain extent is responsible for juvenile delinquency.

An extensive amount of research in criminology has reported a close association between delinquency and family structure. The criminology reports have highlighted that children belonging to distributed families are more likely to involve in criminal activities as compared to the children from integral families.

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