One’s Job is more like One’s Food

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One’s Job is more like One’s Food

May 29, 2020 Blogs Sample Papers 0

A significant and great role is played by jobs in defining what and who we are as an individual. According to the podcast, one’s job is more like one’s food. A job basically does not let an individual feel lifeless and purposeless. It does not just give an identity to an individual but a reason to live too. He related his job with the stages forwarded by Elizabeth Kubler Ross that are, acceptance, depression, bargaining, anger, and denial. As stated above, a job offers an individual the reason to live, when one does not have it, he/she thinks of having it, as a matter of fact, it is a basic necessity for every human being.

Another main thing a job offers an individual is money which is the essential element for living a good life. Some of the jobs which individual select often provide them travel and leisure activities, through which they can relax in life. Besides job defining individuals in who they are in a positive way, it also disrupts their image in a negative way too. For example, the case presented in the podcast of a navy officer who got fired from his job and later couldn’t avail any other jobs even as a resident, as his job gave him the title of ‘not capable enough’ (This American Life). It ruined his image as an individual who might be looking for a job for his survival. The job also defines an individual’s behavior, for example, a hard-working on-time employee will also have time-management in other tasks of his/her life.

Also, the job defines the individual’s values of life. In contrast to this, some of the people think that a job doesn’t define an individual as it is one 1/3rd of his/her day. It is not covering the time period the individual spend with his/her friends and family in the rest of the day. Therefore, it can’t completely define the individual perfectly. Secondly, jobs change over the time period. It is not a hard and fast rule that one employee who started his/her career as an intern will remain intern all his/her life. Obviously, he/she will progress and so as his/her job title will change. Last but not least, most importantly, anyone can lose their job someday. In the end, the individual will be the individual him/herself, he/she will still be known and recognized.