Memorable and Interesting ‘Episode 4 of Storytelling with Data – It Depends’

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Memorable and Interesting ‘Episode 4 of Storytelling with Data – It Depends’

September 3, 2020 Blogs Sample Papers 0

The lesson provided by the episode-04 of storytelling with data – ‘it depends’ is that when it comes to communication and visualization of data, several of questions are raised. However, these numerous questions can be answered simply with these two terms ‘it depends’. Two of the biggest lessons reflected in this specific podcast are related to lower and upper case data in data visualization.

The first concern shown is how the text can be converted to lowercase or uppercase in the Visual Studio editor. The answer to this question is: the keyboard shortcuts or menu commands can be used for converting the case of selected text to all lower case or to all upper case. First, the text that is required to be converted must be selected. Then the option of ‘Advanced’ must be selected on the ‘Edit Menu’.

The next step is converting all of the text to all upper case by pressing Ctrl+Shift+U or by choosing ‘Make Uppercase’. In the case of converting the text to all lower case, ‘Ctrl+U’ must be pressed or the option of ‘make lowercase’ must be selected. The second concern is how one can substitute capital letters to the low case in Tableau. One of the functions in the tableau is ‘LOWER ()’. A string is attached that can return the case in a lower form. For example, LOWER (‘Marketing’) = ‘marketing’. However, everything present will get in lowercase by considering this option. One can also make use of the ‘Edit Alias’ option, as well. Instead of an alias, then a field will be resulted by the lower function. It all depends basically on the needs of the individual.

At times, one receives recipients in capital letters. They can be changed in lowercase. For example, one wants to see ‘The Impacts of Terrorism’, however, he/she is getting ‘THE IMPACTS OF TERRORISM’. For changing them in lower case, the letters must be selected first and then by pressing right-click on that specific value, one will have the option of editing the alias. The case will be changed from upper case to lower case.