How to Write a Good Deductive Essay

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How to Write a Good Deductive Essay

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What is a Deductive Essay

A deductive essay is one where a logical argument is presented to reach a logical conclusion. The principle behind this is that if enough information is given regarding a particular problem, a person can solve the problem by following a deductive reasoning process and reaching a logical conclusion. Therefore to write a good deductive essay, you need to know how the deductive reasoning process works.

Deductive Reasoning

Deductive reasoning is based on the idea that one can draw a reasonable understanding of an occurrence based on a given set of clues (premises). In other words, any problem can be solved if enough relevant information is available.

Deductive reasoning assumes a logical progression along a probable path. Most of us already do this in our lives without being aware of it. A deductive essay, like deductive reasoning, follows a logical path. 

For deductive reasoning, you need to evaluate a number of factors against the information present with you and reach a logical conclusion.

Steps to Write a Deductive Essay

A deductive essay has 3 parts – Premise, Evidence, and Conclusion. These may represent 3 separate paragraphs in a deductive essay.


The first part is the premise. A premise is a basic fact of reality which you need to prove with logical reasoning so that a conclusion can be drawn. There may be more than one premise in an essay, but the focus must be on the premise throughout the essay.

E.g. Smoking is one of the foremost causes of cancer.


The second part of a deductive essay is the evidence. This comprises the information or data that you possess. It can be an article you have read or an observation you have made that proves your premise. An evidence is a proof of your reasoning that links your premise with the conclusion.

E.g. Scientific proof of how smoking affects the lungs and arteries, followed by statistics linking the number of cancer patients with the number of smokers in a sample.


The last part is the conclusion. This represents the result of your analysis of the subject, based on your premise and supporting evidence. You need to be precise and appear convinced as you have already presented all the proofs to support your argument. Key evidence can be presented here in a brief form without overstating, and the concluding argument-driven home.

Points to remember

Remember that a deductive essay is meant to evaluate your analytical skills, so present your information and reasoning in an organized, logical manner.

Pay attention to grammar and sentence structure, which are always evaluated in any essay.