Theoretical Alternatives of Social Constructivism Essay

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Theoretical Alternatives of Social Constructivism Essay

April 14, 2022 Blogs Sample Papers 0

Several theorists have developed various tactics and solutions as alternatives to social constructivism’s apparent drawbacks and limits.

The latter incorporates the brain-based learning theory, in which the technique builds on the structure and operation of the brain in various ways according to the learner’s preferences. Learning will continue as long as the brains stay healthy and are not prevented from operating normally.

Under William Glasser’s idea of motivation, there is another theoretical component. It refers to the idea that conduct is not determined by external stimuli but rather by an individual’s desires at any given time. He continues by saying that Glasser addresses the concerns that pupils now are less driven than they were in the past.

Additionally, he clarifies that all living things, including humans, control their behavior to obtain what they require. Orjinta presents the social learning theory as a different theory to social constructivism. The strategy works when someone’s thinking and conduct shifts after seeing several behavioral models.