Facebook usage by Prada Company Essay

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Facebook usage by Prada Company Essay

June 18, 2022 Blogs Sample Papers 0

A Facebook page for the Prada Company has around five million followers. The usage of Facebook was required to tell clients about new items. Due to the vast user base of this platform, the business has tried to utilize Facebook.

The page has 5.3 million likes, which is a clear sign of the large user base on the site. The business informs the public about its fashion designs and goods through the page. The interaction occurs about the comments on the postings.

Through these interactions and public awareness, the business gains new clients daily. It is recognized as one of the best businesses that have used Facebook as a tool for internet marketing.

The business uses Facebook to advertise its fashion design events. Facebook’s 5.3 million users can predict when an event will happen so they can be ready to go. The firm has notably benefited from its connection with the majority of influencers.

The Prada Company reaches its audience via posting movies, pictures, and other content. Models, performers, and celebrities are accustomed to promoting their goods online.

For instance, the business hired Lea Seydoux, a well-known film actress, to promote its dresses and handbags. Lea plays a character in the film “Spectre.” The Prada Company also uses “Prada within me” films to market its goods.