Issue of the Social Constructivism Essay

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Issue of the Social Constructivism Essay

December 8, 2022 Blogs Sample Papers 0

Issue of the Social Constructivism

The learner’s participation throughout the process is the specific problem with social constructivism. As the primary and only cause for the entire learning process, the learner has a fundamental role and obligation, in Orjinta’s view.

The author contends that the learner’s responsibility is to cooperate fully with the instructor to deepen and broaden their awareness of many facets and circumstances worldwide.

Additionally, the learning process is meant to provide the students with the basic information they will need to make decisions in the future. Since the learners’ primary function is actively participating in the learning process, social constructivism highlights its significance.

The theory comprises several strategies combined to create the most effective theory for dealing with different problems. The argument’s central claim is based on the social consensus determining knowledge and reality.

The many subcategories of social constructivism have all been addressed in the study as essential for tackling various problems with various levels of comprehension.

The characteristics of constructivism theory and the associated theoretical schools that are impacted by it are also discussed in the study. However, the numerous constraints associated with the proposed theory, as detailed in the study, prevent other theorists from considering it.