Organizational Communication Essay

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Organizational Communication Essay

September 5, 2023 Blogs Sample Papers 0

Organizational Communication Essay

The most intricate social phenomenon in contemporary civilization is communication. Numerous scientists have studied the communication process in terms of its synchronic and diachronic characteristics, as well as its current idiosyncrasies and historical evolution.

These scientists include linguists, philosophers, psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists, and experts in other fields. Even some of them contributed by creating guidelines for good communication. However, the majority of them concurred that poor communication was a common cause of issues, ranging from minor disputes between spouses to, at its worst, bloody battles. The hazards might still exist even if misunderstanding inside a firm may not result in death.

Thus, directors attempt to select the most appropriate information flow structure, preferring to rely on correspondence while considering all the psychological and sociolinguistic aspects of effective communication.

The psychological characteristics of the interlocutors—such as filtering of what one wishes to communicate and selective interpretation of the data received, information overload, certain emotions experienced during a discussion, silence, etc.—are crucial to effective communication. The use of language, however, has the greatest impact on communication efficacy.

Even though we speak the same language, words can have various meanings to different individuals, claims Robbins. The usage of the same language does not imply that the same words are used in the same context. Within the framework of the organization, the issue is particularly apparent.

Workplace communication calls for prompt responses and effective outcomes. As a result, people from many professions use jargon at work to cut down on discussion time and effectively convey essential information.

Using jargon may be acceptable for employees who have worked for the same firm for a long period. A newbie may have an impossible challenge integrating into the workplace without the right help and advice.