How does Body Language improve a Presentation?

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How does Body Language improve a Presentation?

May 7, 2024 Blogs Sample Papers 0

‘We liked the content of the presentation. However, their body language was showing that they may not be interested in our business proposal.’ This was the statement I came across when we I delivered a presentation with my boss to our business clients while I was working with a product-based firm. That day I realized how the presentation could be delivered successfully if the right body language has been used. The purpose of the speech could be failed to be delivered successfully if there is poor body language. As this eventually also results in a lack of confidence while presentation delivery and may also failed to develop the required relationship with the audience. All of these facts clearly highlight how body language improves a presentation.

The presentation can be improved through different techniques and tools as they eventually can also boost the eloquence of body language. Gestures and movements are the first things that must be considered when the impact of body language is considered on presentation. Initiating with a neutral posture through hands on the speaker’s side eventually promote open posture which must be done in the free-flowing style. This is essential so that thoughts can be articulated well by the speaker with respect to expression.

Second most important while giving a presentation is the position. The key objective of the presenter must be the utilization of the space so that the speaker can communicate his/her body language successfully. In the case of a huge stage, the impression of being nervous may be given to the audience if the speaker remains standing in one position.

Self-confidence can be boosted through the utilization of the entire space. Moreover, it can also be portrayed that the speaker is quite confident and comfortable in delivering the presentation. The second most important thing that must be considered while giving the presentation is the facial expression after gestures and movement, especially when the presentation is being delivered publicly. As the audience notes even the smallest thing such as the facial expression since this help the audience in relating to the actual involvement and depth of the speaker by looking at their facial expression. For a successful presentation, it is essential that a meaning expression is created through the facial expressions while giving the presentation.

It is also important to note that verbal communication and non-verbal communication are two different types of communication. But characteristics of speech and voice and body language are mostly focused on communication in an effective presentation. In psychology, one of the already formulated orthodox is the practice of differentiation between non-verbal behavior and verbal communication (spoken language). Different sets of languages are often used by speakers while delivering a presentation.

The essence of human interactions lies in the usage of different sets of language. He also highlighted that while effective presentation, it is also important to consider the relationship between messages and their meaning can either be arbitrary or non-arbitrary throughout the communication system. The relation is perceived arbitrary especially in the spoken language’s context.