Custom Essay Writing Services

Following are the questions that are frequently asked:

Who will write my custom academic paper?

At American Essay Writing, writers who perfectly fits the requirements of your paper will be assigned to write your custom paper. The things factors on which we select a writer for a particular order are: the type of the custom paper (e.g. essay, research paper, dissertation, etc); the subject of the custom paper (e.g. marketing, psychology, sociology, etc) and the level of the custom paper (e.g. Ph.D, Master’s, high school, college, etc)

Moreover, all of our writers are English native speakers who have a firm grip on language that aid them to write a 100% linguistically correct paper.

How to order my custom academic paper?

Click the Order Now link and fill out the ordering form with all the necessary paper requirements, such as type, level, subject, citation style, word count, etc. After filling out the ordering form, proceed with the payment and wait for your custom-written paper.

Are there any chances of plagiarism?

Our company has a strict policy against plagiarism. We are well aware of all the negative consequences that a student has to face for a plagiarized paper. in extreme cases, students are even expelled from their educational institute for on the charges of plagiarism. Therefore, we make sure that none of our writers does such unethical thing. Our writers are well-equipped with all the necessary expertise to which are required to write an original paper, for this reason, they never think about opting for some shortcut. They know how to write an original paper write from the scratch and that is why none of our customers has ever complained about plagiarized content.

What if I require some alterations to my custom written paper?

If you think that there are some atonement to be made in your custom written paper then you are welcome to avail our free revision service. As we promise your 100% satisfaction, we make sure that you get it. We make sure that all the changes, that you have mentioned, are correctly made in your custom written paper. For more information, read our Revision Policy stated in “Terms and Conditions” section.

Would it be possible for me to track the progress of my paper?

Yes, it is possible. We have 24/7 online chat service that allows our customer to contact us anytime he/she wants. If you want to know the progress of your custom paper or you want to tell any necessary thing regarding your custom paper, then you can easily avail our online chat service and make us note your concerns.