Case Study: Tesco Marketing Strategy

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Case Study: Tesco Marketing Strategy

December 16, 2015 Blogs Sample Papers 0

The Case Study information for Marketing Strategy Of Tesco

Tesco Marketing Strategy – The concept of marketing is continuously evolving, Technology advancements such as the development of mobile communications and the internet has created a situation in which customers are demanding a direct relationship with the organizations. However, some companies do not acquire sufficient resources to fulfill these demands. Tesco is the leading retail company in the UK; however, it still needs to enhance its profitability and market size to keep hold of the top position in the retail market. The 4Ps of the marketing mix is an effective model which looks at all aspect of the companies’ marketing strategy.


Tesco consists of a wide range of products; therefore, the company should currently focus on strengthening its present range of products, instead of producing a new variety of products. This is because in 2009, Tesco because of quality lapse had to recall its number of products. Additionally, its brand new and trouble-free brand chili lemon flavored pistachio nuts had salmonella contamination.

These types of quality lapse will not minimize customer satisfaction but will also negatively impact the brand image. Furthermore, in case, if the customers sue the company for supplying low-quality products, it suffers from financial losses. Therefore, it is highly recommended that Tesco, instead of expanding its product range, should focus on improving the quality of its existing products.

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