Term Paper: Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Tragedy

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Term Paper: Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Tragedy

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The Tragedy of Hiroshima Atomic Bomb

On August 6, 1945, the first most powerful atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. Within few seconds, the bomb killed 75,000 people in Hiroshima and completely ruined the city’s infrastructure. The question is that was it important to drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima? Was it needed at all considering the destructive power an atomic bomb possesses?

The Japanese had asked for trouble for themselves when despite warnings from America when they bombed Pearl Harbor and killed 3,000 people and ruined base of the American army in pacific. In a way, Japanese people got what they deserved but on the other hand, there could have been other ways of warning Japanese people. An atomic bomb is very powerful and can cause massive destruction. It could spread destruction to several miles from where it is dropped initially. In a way, it was a childish and stubborn way of winning a war the on the part of Americans. It was definitely inhuman because anyone who lived through it might have been traumatized for the rest of the life considering the massive destruction it caused soon after it was dropped. But might had been the only way perhaps to bring an end to World War 2.

The Japanese people are still suffering from Hiroshima atomic bomb tragedy. The radiation spread after the atomic bomb was detonated caused serious destruction. Even those people who survived became infertile. Even after so many years of that destruction deformities are found in newly born children. Some children grow mentally retarded and pose serious challenges to their immediate families. Some children born without limbs and suffer all their lives.

Use of atomic bombs can never be justified any matter what the situation is. In cold war era, America and USSR were considered as fierce rivals and both countries had the capability to destroy each other because both possessed atomic arsenal but they never used it. Atomic bombs can only result in destruction. They should be completely destroyed because they are not an answer to any tragedy. The innocent people of Hiroshima paid the price of World War 2. They were all ordinary people but they got killed uselessly for what they had not done.

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