Research Paper: Global Warming Hazards

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Research Paper: Global Warming Hazards

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Information for a Research Paper on Global Warming

The causes of global warming are a serious lurking danger. We have already been witnessing global climatic changes. Over the past few, years the weather pattern has changed. It is behaving in a way it never did in the past. We are in an era now where we witness frequent catastrophes related to natural disasters. We have been witnessing huge tsunamis devouring thousands of people in the aftermath. The 2004 tsunami is still a nightmare for many living in coastal areas lying in Asia. In 2011, a massive earthquake triggered massive tsunamis and killed several people.

Affect of Global Warming

Global warming is not just affecting the climate badly but also triggering seismic activity around the globe. We now witness more earthquakes than we ever had witnessed in the past. Some of the hardly affected countries hit by massive earthquakes have been Haiti, Chile, Japan, Indonesia, Honduras and many others. Glaciers and ice caps are melting faster than ever. Greenland and the North Pole are melting at a tremendous pace that it may completely disappear from the map over few decades. Avalanches, volcanic eruptions, cyclones, super typhoons, landslides, and tornadoes are all affecting the geology of planet Earth.

Melting ice cap and glaciers can lead to raising ocean levels worldwide and a time comes when some islands too will submerge into the world oceans. The climate over the world has increased compared to the last few decades. We have now warmer summers and intensely cold winters with increased blizzards in America. Europe is warmer now than it was few decades back. Every year there is an intense heat wave that hit Europe killing people there. Russia too has become warmer. Over the last few, years heat waves in Russia has killed people. There are frequent forest fires in America and Australia. In Australia, few towns surrounding a forest were evacuated because of intense forest fire threatening the surrounding habitat.

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