Research Paper on Stem Cell Research

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Research Paper on Stem Cell Research

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Information for a Research Paper on Controversial Stem Cell Research

Controversial Stem Cell Research — There are dozens of stem cells inside an embryo. Stem cells are basically empty shells. What makes stem cells so special in the biomedical field is their ability to grow into a cell or tissue. Stem cells are pluripotent, which means they can develop into any cell or organ in a human being’s body.

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This aspect of stem cells makes them very special and a gigantic discovery in the field of medicine as these cells contain properties that can help cure several incurable diseases.

Enough research has been done and according to it, stem cells can be of great help to humans to cure different diseases. These cells contain remarkable abilities to cure diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases. Alzheimer’s especially is a very paralyzing disease that cripples a person’s ability to remember as the brain deteriorates over a period of years.

A time comes when a person is not capable of carrying out routine normal tasks like eating food. The dead brain cells in Alzheimer’s disease can be replaced by stem cells thus enabling a person to live a normal happier life. With stem cell treatment a person with Alzheimer’s could return to normal functioning because of the replacement of dead cells by stem cells.

Controversial Stem Cell Research

Apart from remarkable capabilities, stem cells also have some flaws. The problem is that these cells exist only in developing embryos and in order to obtain their embryos have to be destructed. A developing embryo is a living being, and destroying it to obtain stem cells is considered unethical and against the laws of nature by many people. In some countries, stem-cell research has been banned due to the religious beliefs of people.

Is it ethical to destroy a living being in order to save someone else’s life? This is a question that creates huge controversy among many people. This controversy creates a barrier to actually using stem cells as a line of treatment for a number of incurable diseases.

If a person has his leg amputated for some medical reason it can be created through stem cells and enable that person to live a normal life like others. This is just one remarkable instance in the field of stem cell research. There are many other cures hidden in this extraordinary discovery. If only it could be considered ethical many people could be saved from leading a miserable life because of a crippling disease.

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