Thesis Paper on Dance Therapy

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Thesis Paper on Dance Therapy

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Introduction to Dance Therapy for a Thesis Paper

Dance treatment is a framework that connects science and the art of dance with psychiatric treatment on a single platform. The most important characteristic of dance treatment practice is expressive movement. According to the definition of the American Dance Therapy Association, “dance therapy is the psychotherapeutic utilization of movements in a way that promotes emotional and physical interaction of an individual.”

The dance treatments specialists stressed the need for a fuller understanding of dance movements procedure in order to encourage growth and health. Most of the mental and physical disabilities are considered physiological and psychosomatic symptoms.

Dance treatment is considered as a perfect treatment to cure both sorts of mentioned illnesses. The procedure of dance treatment and its techniques provide a platform for the patient to take an active part in various treatment activities. Hence, dance therapy can be integrated with other treatment procedures to achieve more proficient and effective treatment results. 

Dance Therapy

According to dance treatment specialists, expressive movements are considered as each and every movement of an individual. These types of movements involve a turning spin in dance movements and an enthusiastic leap of a joyful kid as well as the innermost twisted attention plus weakened movement vivacity in gloominess.

Moreover, a number of theorists have also accepted the importance of relationships in a process of change. Hence, the importance of relationships in dance therapy and treatment is considered as a second important parameter.

Mirroring and empathic reflection are the principal elements of dance treatment.  These two elements are very helpful for dance treatment specialists. These components make specialists capable of communicating, coordinating, and understanding the patient. Furthermore, these elements also assist the dance treatment specialist to earn the trust of the patient. Mirror neurons are present in abundance in the human brain. The latest researches in the field of neurology department have proved that these mirror neurons play a key role in enhancing and developing the relationship between people.

Moreover, it has been proved by many other types of research that any sort of reaction such as excitement as for enthusiastic expression when an individual encounters any other sort of movement associated with that feeling identifies the importance or significance of neurological researches and studies.

Another important and helpful component of dance treatment is dependent upon the way that upgrading the types of movement during dancing will bring good and pleasant effects upon functioning and will bring huge change inexperience.

This principle is totally dependent on the understanding of the relation between body and brain. This two-way relation between body and brain can produce any sort of the change in an individual. Steps taken to produce changes in dancing steps will surely result in changing the patient’s perception.

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