Essay on Ecological Imbalance

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Essay on Ecological Imbalance

November 26, 2021 Blogs Sample Papers 0

Ecological Imbalance Essay

The advancements in technology, as well as the development and expansion of modern industry worldwide, have created an ecological imbalance that urgently needs the attention of researchers. The imbalance has reached a scale where it has become extremely difficult to design respective measures. Unfortunately, a large number of forests around the world have been destroyed and cannot be recovered.

The ecological imbalance between human activities and natural factors has created a crisis. The intensity of ecological imbalance in different parts of the world can vary. The lowest intensity damage is done to the environment by the pollution. However, in the case of pollution, nature can itself create the solutions to the damage created.

The main cause of ecological imbalance is increasing industrialization, water pollution, deforestation, and an irrational waste of natural resources. Due to all these factors, ecological disaster is happening. By harming nature, man actually jeopardizes its existence. Apart from damaging nature, all these activities also create trouble for man as it leads to the destruction of the environment, lack of natural resources, hunger, and demographic crisis.

Similarly, unpardonable deforestation results in the extinction of birds and animals which in turn make changes in the ecological balance. In a nutshell, if these activities will continue with the pace and no measures will be taken to restore the crops destroyed and protect the endangered animals, the whole of humanity will come into danger.

A massive amount of ecological balance occurs in the cities as cutting of parks and construction of buildings lead to clogging of the environment. Moreover, the increase in vehicles and the shortage of green spaces significantly contribute to the accumulation of carbon dioxide and smog. In addition, the development of a vast number of industries has increased the harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Some of the organizational leaders do not take sufficient measures to secure the environment.

At present, in most of the regions of the world, environmental issues have become patent. However, the countries are seriously getting engaged in recycling and disposal activities which are an appropriate solution to restore the balance between society and the natural world.

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