Argumentative Essay on Is Capital Punishment justifiable

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Argumentative Essay on Is Capital Punishment justifiable

November 18, 2021 Blogs Sample Papers 0

Argumentative Essay

Capital Punishment

The act of capital punishment is a threat to humanity. If a person is hanged for committing a crime, it is not justified as we as human beings have no right to decide who lives and who doesn’t. Capital punishment can sometimes be unjustified when the wrong person is being punished for a crime. It can be in the form of hanging, electrocuting, and passing. It is extreme torture.

Such extreme punishments can disturb the psychological order of a person’s mind. If a person has committed a crime, there are other ways in which he/she can be punished. By brutally punishing them, they will live in fear and they can never recover from such experiences.

Some criminals are sentenced to death but still have to wait years for their final verdict. These kinds of people live in fear of death every day. They can not live properly as normal human beings as they dream of death and can only think about how they will die. This is the violation of a human’s right by sentencing them to death.

The system of imprisonment involving harsh punishments can strain a person’s mind. Due to this behavior of the authorities, they may be forced to commit further crimes. Therefore, authorities need to stop killing criminals to spread the fear of death and should rather seek a different medium to increase awareness.

Criminals should be given a chance to prove their innocence before deciding anything and they should be at least told to stay in jail for some time before executing them.

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