Argumentative Essay: Are women inferior to men

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Argumentative Essay: Are women inferior to men

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Argumentative Essay On Are Women Inferior To Men

Women inferior to men – The gender war has been prevalent since the start of the world. Women have faced atrocities in the face of patriarchy. In olden times, it was an era of hunters and gatherers. The man was the breadwinner; whereas the woman used to cook and look after children. Women were also used to do minor jobs as men considered themselves head of the house. So who invented this system of patriarchy?

If people say that God made this system, then it is not true because according to Christianity, God wanted a partner for Adam; and not a servant. Eve was made from Adam’s rib bone, not from below his feet. Then why are women treated like they are made to serve? This has been going on since the rule of kings and Mughals. Women’s physical characteristics are delicate and soft, so people assume that they are all emotional, fragile and powerless creatures. Have men forgotten that it was a woman who brought them into this world? If it wasn’t for a woman’s power and strength, there would be no children in the world and the population will not increase. Such a creature should be praised and not treated poorly.

In Hinduism, people worship goddesses who are known to cause havoc or even be very strong. A mother is also considered the most loving person in anyone’s life. So with such history of abuse, women have always been the one picking up the society on their tiny shoulders. However, there have been some areas in history where women were considered superior to men. In Ancient Africa, there was a rule of matriarchy. Women were assertive, powerful and approached the men for sexual pursuits. They were the leaders of the family; which consisted of generations of mothers. There was no specific father of the children. Perhaps, Africa realized the importance of women at a very early age, but it does not remain due to the worldwide patriarchal system.

Women have to face everyday sexism which has become part of their lives. Even in a developed country such as the UK, women are considered as sexual objects and are regularly reminded their position in society. This is the sad reality of life which women have no choice but to deal with. Feminists have taken movements but it is mocked upon as the existent patriarchy system does not approve to any such movement.
According to William Golding’s beautiful words, expressed as “I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been.”

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