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Custom Essay on Bullying

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Bullying is a serious problem because it can affect a person who is being constantly targeted. Bullying is an act of using physical and even verbal tantrums to degrade another person or treat him. The people who engage in bullying behavior are actually insecure and out of jealousy or inferiority complex, they resort to such tactics to degrade another person or affect his behavior through verbal or physical abuse.

Children in high school who bully weaker students actually look for getting attention from others and even showing others that they are very powerful. But in reality, they are hollow from inside and suffer from their own set of problems. In this article, we will highlight the harms of bullying and how it can affect a student who is constant been targeted by other students. Please continue reading the custom essay to find more information in this regard.

Harms of Bullying

Constant bullying can lead to very serious psychological problems among children who are targeted by bullies. Those children who are often bullied suffer from anxiety problems to the extent that they consider dropping out of school. Their overall academic performance is badly affected because they are always obsessed with those children who bully them.

Their psyche is badly affected and they spend most of their time thinking about the harsh behavior of bullies. They start fearing others and lose self-confidence. They start doubting their innate abilities and suffer from very low self-esteem. They feel completely worthless and hopeless.They are forced to have a negative self-perception which affects every aspect of their life.

Bullying can lead to severe depression and as a result, a child’s academic performance and other extracurricular activities can be badly affected. They may avoid going to school because they always fear of bullies. They spend most of their time thinking about all the negative events taking place in the school.

How can Bullying be Controlled?

Providing a safe learning environment to each and every student in the high school is the responsibility of the authorities working in the school. They need to make sure that a safe learning environment is provided to all the students so that effective learning can take place. Amid bullying all around it becomes very difficult to concentrate on studies and as a result it affects overall academic performance. Teachers in school should arrange a meeting between parents of the bullies and those children who suffer from it. There must be harsh penalties in place so that children avoid such kind of behavior.

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