Term Paper: The Mass Media

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Term Paper: The Mass Media

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Term Paper

Mass Media

The mass media mean the sources of information, news, and entertainment, which are a newspaper, magazine, radio, television, and the Internet. These media provide information, news, and entertainment to the masses. It means that these sources provide information and entertainment on a wide scale. They manipulate which is the subject of much research and discussion today.

Workers, professionals, educated rich people, and all other men, women, and children everywhere are within the range and influence of mass media.

Let us consider how the mass media is of use to everyone.

In the home, we read newspapers, magazines, and journals of our choice. Our villages, towns, cities and all other countries lie open to us. We read about our people and other people or nations and their work and activities.

We read news and articles about business, industry, agriculture, politics, and social affairs, of all kinds very joyfully. The radio, television, and The Internet bring to everyone, whether literate or illiterate, the pleasure of music, songs, dances, drama, films, and social networking.

Mass Media

They open to us the doors of our own cultural life and all the states and all parts of other countries. We are lost in the world of art and reality as we watch movies of love and art from different countries.

We learn through mass media what is happening in education, politics, industry, agriculture, trade, sports, war, the criminal sphere, and all other spheres of the sun. This is the international information and Cultural Revolution that has been brought about by the radio, television and the Internet, which are expanding day by day.

The Internet is the latest addition to the mass media. Through it, we get connected to the official, educational, commercial, social, and other fields of activities of the world.

The user of a computer network, thus, gains information from Internet or exchanges message with any other network anywhere at all times. It is now known as “The Information Superhighway” which provides information and graphics to all computer users who are connected to it.

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