The need for Proper Citation

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The need for Proper Citation

March 16, 2019 Blogs Sample Papers 0

Good Grades

Proper Citation – Many students today are struggling with their studies; they are working hard to get good grades. But, still, it becomes very difficult to get an A grade or a distinction in papers, assignments or thesis. Instructors assign several home assignments daily, even on weekends, which make it difficult for students to manage their studies. It becomes even more problematic for the working students to complete their work and meet strict deadlines. We do not only assure you to provide the work way before the deadline but also guarantee you quality work. Our dedicated and experienced team of writers can help you with your thesis, research papers, essays, and presentations.

The biggest problem that students face is of plagiarism, universities and colleges have strict rules and policies for students submitting plagiarized work. Students are not aware of what plagiarism is, they fail to understand when a paper becomes plagiarized. Let us just provide you the basic understanding of plagiarism that is writers understand completely.

  1. Accidental/ Unintentional

As mentioned earlier, students might often not even be aware that their work is plagiarized. However, it is still their responsibility to ensure that they are able to differentiate between quoting and paraphrasing, along with the appropriate ways to cite the work.

  1. Blatant

In this case, students clearly know that they are plagiarizing. Using the work of other researchers without proper acknowledgment is plagiarism.

  1. Self

Plagiarism also includes submitting same term papers (or substantially same papers) for two courses, without taking permission from the instructors.

Our motivated and educated team of writers understands all plagiarism policies of universities and make sure to deliver the plagiarism-free paper. At American Essay Writing we check plagiarism through the best software and provide a report (upon request) to you. Since, universities, colleges, and schools take strict disciplinary actions against students submitting plagiarized work, often resulting in withdrawal from courses; therefore, we don’t want you to take that risk and let us help you. We ensure you to provide work that is properly cited and work of all authors are acknowledged. Looking forward to working with you!