History Thesis Idea: The American Civil War of 1861

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History Thesis Idea: The American Civil War of 1861

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American Civil War

American Civil War was fought between 1861 and 1865. The war began because President Abraham Lincoln, elected in 1860, was very persistent on preserving the Union, which was threatened by the issue of slavery. The North was growing rapidly in wealth and population, and it was clear to the Southern slave states that the North would eventually be strong enough to carry a constitutional amendment abolishing slavery The Republican Party had been formed in 1854 to oppose slavery. Consequently, when Lincoln became President, seven states seceded, formed the Confederate States of America and elected Jefferson Davis as their President. On 12 April 1861, Confederates bombarded Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor, one of only two federal properties in the South to remain in Union hands: this marked the start of the Civil War.

Civil War Effects

The Civil War affected the moral, political, and social ideologies of the people of United States of America. Different theories perceptions exist on the changes and impact of the Civil war. This paper presents several arguments in the favor of the thesis statement. The Civil war is also termed as the second American Revolution by many historians. The reason is attributed to the economic, social and political changes that occurred after the war was over. The war has resulted in some significant economic changes in the postwar society. The difference in the perception of northern and southern democrats also affected the economic scenario of the post-war society.

Major Change

One major change was the success of the industrial capitalist in capturing and using the state for the purpose of strengthening their economic position (Ford, p. 518). The changes in the tariff, public land, banking, railroad, and contract labor legislation were the major indicators of the economic revolution. Prohibition on trafficking and abolishment of slavery were other revolutionary changes during the war. This war was a fight for the right of freedom. The southern democrats were in favor of slavery, whereas the northern party was against it (Johnny, p.54). However, the victory of Abraham Lincoln brought freedom to the estate and created the concept of equal rights for the black slaves.

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