Introduction to The Research Paper on Airport Security

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Introduction to The Research Paper on Airport Security

June 9, 2019 Blogs Sample Papers 0

Airport security is for providing protection to people at the airport and it involves the processes and methods used for the protection of travelers, employees, and airplanes which pass through the airports from accidents or intentional damages, criminals and other threats. Hundreds of thousands of people go through airports daily who can become targets for terrorists and other criminals because these people are in a specific place located at a given time.

Similarly, the great quantity t of persons on commercial passenger aircraft the potential high death rate with attacks on aircraft, and the ability to use a hijacked airplane as a lethal weapon all provide attractive opportunities for terrorists.  Whether or not they succeed due to their high profile nature following the various attacks and attempts around the globe they can still kill people and damage equipment and facilities.

The job of the Airport security personnel is to prevent any threats or probable dangerous situations from arising and prevent undesirable elements from entering the country or boarding aircraft to cause any form of damage. Because of the presence of airport security personnel the chances of any person, illegal items or threats entering the aircraft, country or airport are greatly reduced.

In essence, airport security serves multiple purposes: Airport Security protects the airport and country from any threatening events and reassure the traveling public that they are safe and also to protect the country and its population from any form of the threat being brought into the country. In essence, the goal of aviation security is to prevent harm to aircraft, passengers, and crew, as well as support national security and counter-terrorism efforts.Several events with potentially serious consequences have occurred because of travelers being allowed to carry either weapons or items that could be used as weapons on board aircraft so that they could hijack the plane.

Travelers undergo inspection by metal detectors. Explosive detection machines used include X-ray machines and explosives trace-detection portal machines .  In many countries, scientists are working on new scanning machines that can detect   objects that aren’t allowed in the airplanes but that don’t show the passengers in a state of undress that some find embarrassing. Explosive detection machines can also be used for both carry-on and checked baggage. These detect volatile compounds given off from explosives using gas chromatography.

Commonly passenger and crew are screened by airport security into areas where the exit gates to the aircraft are located. These areas are referred to as “secure”, or “sterile” areas.  Passengers get off from the planes into the sterile area so that they will not have to be re-screened if they have taken a domestic flight. However, they can still be searched at any time inside or outside the airport. Airport food outlets have started using plastic glasses and utensils as opposed to Cups  made out of glass and utensils made out of metal to reduce the usefulness of such items as weapons