How can Social Media affect Students Productivity?

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How can Social Media affect Students Productivity?

July 5, 2020 Blogs Sample Papers 0

Social Media affect Students Productivity – In the daily routines of people, one of the significant factors that have emerged in the current globalized world is digital media. Individuals do not ten to leave from their homes without having their smartphones in their pockets. Moreover, a greater role is played by social media in terms of how individuals interact with each other. The impacts of social media on the students’ productivity vary with how and for the purpose it is used.

If it is used for learning purposes, then it can significantly increase the performance of students academically. However, if it is used for video gaming, then it can negatively impact the performance of students. The thesis statement of this essay is that the productivity of students does indeed decline due to greater use of social media.    


The negative impacts of social networking websites such as Facebook on the performance of students academically and its increasing addiction in students. It was found that a lot of study time of students is wasted in this specific addiction.

Although, significant learning platforms are also offered by social media, however, only a few of the students utilize them for their learning purposes. It is mostly used by college students especially Facebook for connecting with their friends. Similarly, the student’s memory could be influenced by social media negatively.

Mostly, social media platforms are used by students for recalling their past experiences. However, their overreliance can impact their memory abilities greatly. Along with this, negative impacts are also imposed on their cognitive capabilities.

In contrast to it, there are positive influences of social media on the performance of students academically. Frequent usage of social media by adolescents can enhance their cognitive activities and capabilities of multitasking. It is also recommended that to promote cognitive abilities in adolescents, social media must be integrated into learning activities. 

For learning purposes, social media can be used significantly. As it can increase the collaborative capabilities, the personalized learning sessions, learning motivation, and the relationships of students. Further, social media can also help students in increasing their spelling, writing, and vocabulary skills. Whereas, at the other end, addiction to social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is increasing in the student who is distracting their learning.