Term Paper: Effects of Internet

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Term Paper: Effects of Internet

December 16, 2015 Blogs Sample Papers 0

Ideas For a Term Paper on Effects of Internet on Youngsters

Effects of Internet – A youngster glued to a computer screen for several hours is a very common sight in the modern world in nearly every household. Many youngsters spend several hours in front of computer screens either playing their favorite games or using the internet. The internet is a very useful technology if it is used in moderation and personal benefits but if it is used too much it can cause problems for youngsters. There is a famous saying that too much of anything can lead to destruction and the same theory applies to the use of the internet. These days youngsters are the most vulnerable when it comes to internet addiction.

Affects Academic Studies

The first and the most important thing which gets badly affected as a result of internet addiction is study. Many youngsters even forget that they have school life when they are in front of a computer screen using the internet.

They put their important assignment and projects on a side and spend most of their time using the computer after their day at school. They become too addicted to gaming that it becomes a hot topic of debate among school peers. They become highly obsessed with gaming and as a result, ignore other core responsibilities., In some cases, youngsters even drop out of their schools or start bunking classes because of internet addiction.

Poor Relationship with Parents

When parents see their children addicted to the internet they try to stop them and as a result, their relationship with their child gets badly affected. Youngsters start thinking of their parents as enemies. There is conflict because parents put emphasis on academic studies which get neglected because of internet addiction.

Poor Health

As a result of sitting in front of the computer for the most part of the day health of youngsters also gets badly affected. They skip meals because of addiction and as a result, their health deteriorates.

They also become physically inactive because they spend most of their time sitting. Lack of physical activity makes them lethargic and it affects all the other areas of life. Some youngsters even become sleep deprived because of internet addiction. They spend all the days and nights playing games or chatting with friends on the internet.

Youngsters should realize that everything should be done in moderation. A person must not become addicted to a particular activity that other areas of life get neglected. They should use their willpower and avoid heading to a destructive path. They should engage in physical activities and keep busy with studies and other fun activities rather than spending most of their time in front of a computer screen.

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