Essay: Video Games Boon or a Bane

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Essay: Video Games Boon or a Bane

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Video Games Boon or a Bane

Most children and teenagers love video games and are fascinated by them. To them video games are full of fun, adventure, thrill, traveling, winning and a whole lot more. Teenagers and children spend hours playing video games because it is one of their favorite activities and also one of their activities that is quite resented by their parents. Most parents feel that their children should spend more time studying and doing their schoolwork instead of playing video games which they think is an absolute waste of time. They think that their kids might move away from their studies and even become more aggressive and violent. 
Video games for children and teenagers should be chosen carefully. Well-designed games are great teachers as they provide both fun and learning. Such games provide feedback on the player’s success by enforcing penalty helping in learning the game at different levels (like easy, medium and difficult) and also by providing opportunities to practice the game so that it can be mastered. While playing video games, actions are repeated several times, which is a pre-requisite for strengthening brain cell connections and is commonly called synapses.  Repeated actions assist in increasing memory storage and learning as coined by the Canadian psychologist Donald Hebb “Neurons that fire together wire together”.

Many Studies

Many studies have showed that video games have a lot of merits. A neuroscience study published in the Nature shows that playing video games increase visual ability at the edge of the computer screen. Other studies reveal that video games can help an adult differentiate between different shades of gray (known as contrast sensitivity) which is required for activities like driving at night.

Also, the games involving the gamer to work as a team help in increasing collaboration skills. A new study conducted at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and Charite University Medicine St. Hedwig-Krankenhaus shows that playing the Super Mario 64 video game increases the size of those regions of the brain that are responsible for orientation, memory formation, planning strategies as well as other motor skills.

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