Thesis on The Power Of Leadership

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Thesis on The Power Of Leadership

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Leadership is an area which is open for research and it has a practical aspect to itself as well, it is the ability for any person or organization, to lead and control other team and bunch of people in an efficient and effective manner to get the job done. 

Best Type Of Leaders

Leaders are the people who know how to get the best out of people. Leaders make sure that they bring an employee out of his comfort zone and work according to his/her potential. Leaders, most of the time are self-less and are concerned about the society, they never expect anything in return for their efforts. Ambition is a key to leadership; they must have passion, charisma, motivation, and abilities to encourage others. Positive vibes emits out a good leader, his audience becomes positive because of his approach of looking at the thing.

There are various skills that a good leader must possess which are:


Good leaders feel good about what they do and they have the desire for the work. A leader has the passion for the things he plans to conduct. Leaders exhibit the same passion and dedication to his team and that makes them motivated, enthusiast and more willing to work which results in high productivity.


A good leader must be able to communicate the objectives of the organization to his subordinates. An effective communication can help the staff to better understand the goal and how can they add value in completing that particular task. The process of communication is very crucial and it requires good speaking and listening skills, a leader must have these skills as well. If he does not listen to the team and just impose the story, the communication would not be effective.

Team Building

A good leader always believes in team building and he encourages people to work together in a team. A leader always encourages an environment that is open for all and the atmosphere is such that anyone can share their opinion.