Types of Leadership Styles

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Types of Leadership Styles

January 16, 2017 Blogs Sample Papers 0

It is an essential to understand the leadership styles of your own and it is also an essential requirement that what leadership behaviors to keep away from. The leadership model of Kurt Lewin has recognized the three central styles leadership and highlighted the impact that each leadership style has on group members. The research of Kurt Lewin has also represented that the leaders have got different conclusions when they treat their groups or team in a special manner. These include;

Authoritarian or autocratic leadership

The leadership style of authoritarian or an autocratic leader maintains strict secure control over a group by a maintain close regulation of rules, procedures and policies provided to group or team.

Democratic or participative leadership

The participative leadership style comprises of the leaders exchanging the abilities of decision making with the team members by endorsing the interests of the team members and exercising social equal opportunity.

Laissez-faire or delegate leadership

The leadership style of Laissez-faire is explained as where complete power and rights of decision making it completely provided to the employees. Democratic style is the one which nurses used to follow because nurse get involve with people in the process of decision making and give value to their experience and opinion. The switching of roles can also to happened on the basis of particular situations. The nurse can be autocratic when fast and hard decisions require to be made whenever there is no time to discuss with the other individuals. For example, in a critical circumstance or while treating with some disciplinary problems, autocratic style is suitable. Laissez-faire style comes into handy when one is to reduce the involvement of leaders and to permit others individuals to decide by their own. This type of leadership can also be the part of the role of nurse when they have to train preceptorship nurses and nurses who are still students and have to train them for taking their own decision but the complete responsibility lies with the nurse itself.