Expository Essay: Celebrity Culture

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Expository Essay: Celebrity Culture

February 26, 2018 Blogs Sample Papers 0

Expository Essay: Celebrity Culture – In the world where cosmetic surgery and following trends have become common, there is a reason why it is increasing at an extraordinary rate. It is the major influence of media that has forced people to bring such drastic changes into their life. The celebrity culture is the imitation, following and worshipping of the celebrities done by the ordinary people. Some people have noticed that this culture has gone too far.

The ordinary people have neglected their own lives, to peek into the love lives of other celebrities. Which celebrity broke up? Who married? What did Kim Kardashian wear to the Gala? What happened to Selena and Justin? The youngsters of today might know the answers to these questions because they follow these people and what they are doing regularly. People forget that celebrities are also ordinary people who just try to stand out. The reason why celebrities stand out is because the ordinary people let them. Celebrity culture is encouraged by the ordinary people. In following the lives of the famous people, some forget that there are more important things happening in the world which need more awareness than just gossip.

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Nowadays, a celebrity’s fan following may be determined by the number of followers he/she has on Twitter and Instagram and how much likes and retweets do they get on their posts. They regularly update their profiles to attract the people to their social life and even tiny details such as the food they eat or the books they read.

Why are then people interested in their lives?

Perhaps the reason could be that the ordinary people fulfill their desire of becoming famous by looking at other people’s lives. All people want to become rich and famous. So rather than working towards it, they look up to those who already are.

Celebrity culture has resulted in the deterioration of our individuality. Every person should love themselves because excessively following the celebrity life can lead to unrealistic expectations from one’s own body.

Society needs to encourage inner satisfaction, and the media should take a step in caring about ordinary people’s lives instead of only showing celebrity images. Real-life experiences of humans should be shown, especially those who have struggled to live their life. Motivating stories should be shown and anything negative should be ignored. Celebrity culture has been prevalent from any years in the world, but nowadays its impact has increased to an excessive size.

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