Dissertation: Computer Crimes

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Dissertation: Computer Crimes

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Information For a Dissertation on Computer Crimes

It has been speculated that Internet security breaches have been increasing proportionally with the rise of collective networks. Computer hackers are now perceived as some of the most dangerous threats to IS technology and Internet usage for corporations. Computer hackers abuse security in many ways like eavesdropping (theft of critical info); password sniffing (access to stored info); data modification attacks (alteration of info so as to help the attackers); spoofing attacks (one party masquerading as another); and computer viruses.

Problems like spoofing are exceedingly pestilent as the corporate web access increases, with law enforcement experts arguing that the net has threats for security that many companies are not cognizant of. One of the many problems emerging is that attackers not only attempt to access private networks with the help of the net and introduce viruses, but also frequent private networks to steal or alter critical data.

Computer viruses that can be transferred conveniently and frequently on the web, are becoming more and more problematic due to the increasing number of companies focusing on using internet systems, and on downloading files accessible through the net.

Trojan horses cause great problems because after downloading, they proceed to provide attackers the password info every time a user uses the internet.

Computer Crimes

According to estimates, some 200-plus new viruses make way to the net every month, which makes addressing the issue of hacking, file-downloading and computer viruses very important to the corporate Internet security protocol. Experts warn that security levels have gone down to the point where password systems are next to ineffective in terms of protecting extranet and intranet computer networks.

Cyber criminals are finding more and better ways to not only circumvent password systems but also a lot of the protection measures in use at organizations. Encryption technologies provide only minimal protection against these attackers.

. As systems grow more and more complex, attackers also grow more adept their craft, making computer network protection a big challenge. Usually, the attackers have any or more of three purposes: access to info they can use for malicious purposes, to vandalize, or just to conquer the challenge compromising security systems.