Essay on Youth Crimes

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Essay on Youth Crimes

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Increasing crimes among young generation are one of the worst misfortunes that the world of today is facing. Young people are supposed to retain good morals; however, presently it has been observed that crimes committed by young people have outdone the crimes committed by elder people. The addiction to drugs or alcohol is considered as the principle reason for the increase in youth crime rates. Moreover, the violence-oriented video games also stimulate aggressive nature of young children, consequently, they do not shudder before committing a crime.

Nowadays, young people are attracted towards alcohol and drugs. They want to experience the pleasure of being insane. The consumption of alcohol and drugs shatters one capability of thinking sensibly. Alcohol and drug addicts mostly commit crimes when they are high on drugs or alcohol. Addictive people cannot differentiate between good and bad. Moreover, they hardly have total control over their emotions and feelings; as a result, they commit a crime under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Once a person has adopted the habit of consuming alcohol then he/she get involved in different crimes and petty thefts to pay for the addiction. In order to combat this issue, the government must take serious majors to cease the use of drugs and alcohol among young people.

Youth Crimes

Another main reason for increased crime rate among young people, suggested by psychologists, is the habit of playing violent video games. Video games constitute a major part of the entertainment of younger generation.

The constant encounter of these young people with violent games stimulates their aggression level. Video games teach young people to practice violence to achieve personal goals. Many psychological studies explain that the young people are becoming more short-tempered.

They easily lose their senses and commit crimes. Parents should restrict their children to play such violent games. By restricting young people to be indulged in violence, will significantly decrease youth’s crime rate.

To diminish youth crimes, a more strict system of punishment and penalties must be set to discourage young people from committing further crime. However, this solution is not quite effective. Another way to deter young people from a life of crime is to educate them.

By means of education, the awareness of the dangers of drugs and violent video games can be taught to them. Young people must know the negative consequences of drugs, violent video games and subsequent crimes, on their educational and professional life. Another way to reduce the crime rate among young people is to introduce different productive and interesting activities for their leisure time. The less leisure time they will have, the less they will incline towards bad habits.

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