Research Paper Idea: Cultural Relativism in Things Fall Apart

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Research Paper Idea: Cultural Relativism in Things Fall Apart

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Research Paper Idea

Cultural Relativism

Cultural relativism is the principle that tells us that moral codes and ethical norms vary from culture to culture, these norms and systems are valid and lawful within a particular culture. No culture has the right to condemn, criticize and judge the values of other cultures. The philosophy that works behind this principle is that there is no universal truth or universal good. Something is forbidden in one culture, and it is acceptable in other culture. The differences of culture must not be considered in terms of good and bad. Things Fall Apart, a novel by African native Chinua Achebe, depicts the collision of two different cultures.


In his novel, Achebe illustrates the well-managed Ibo- African culture. Achebe wrote his novel to tell western societies that Africans also have their own culture. Ibos a clan of African village; it also has its own set beliefs, unique rituals, festivals, political system, and traditions. The Ibo people worship their gods, they have their own government system and laws, they have a wide range of their literature and music. People of Ibo culture are very loyal to the laws created by their predecessors.

Ibo culture is a male dominated society. Men have to earn and provide for their families by farming. Women must perform their duty as wife and mother: she must cook and take care of the house. This culture also has a system to circulate money among the people of the society. The rich person has to denote a certain amount from his fortune so that poor also gets benefits from it. The wrongdoer gets the punishment; the more serious the crime, the more severe would be its punishment.

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