Research Paper on Type – I Diabetes

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Research Paper on Type – I Diabetes

August 28, 2019 Blogs Sample Papers 0

I Diabetes – A group of diseases that influence how blood sugar (glucose) is used by the body is referred to as diabetes. It also includes issues concerning the hormone insulin. Insulin is typically a hormone that helps in transferring glucose to the body cells in order to produce energy.

Increasing levels of glucose in the urine and blood can be resulted along with abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and impairment of the capability of the body of responding or producing to the hormone insulin when it comes to diabetes. Diabetes originally comes from the foods consumed by an individual. Through diabetes, enough insulin is not produced by one body. Above all, any person connected to any walk of life can be influenced by diabetes.

Insulin is not produced by the body in Type-I diabetes. The carbohydrates are broken down by the food that is consumed by the individual. They are broken down into blood sugar also referred to as blood glucose. It was also once famous as insulin-dependent diabetes or juvenile diabetes. If the insulin is not produced by the pancreas, then high levels of blood sugar can be resulted. Type-1 diabetes cannot be managed or prevented with oral medications, exercise, and diet. One of the first key steps in the management of type-1 diabetes is understanding its resources, preventions tips, warning signs, risk factors, and causes. It is mostly found in young adults, teens, and children. It is indeed overall an auto-immune and incurable disease and not a lifestyle disease. Some of the related diseases that can occur due to type 1 diabetes are gum disease, nerve damage, blindness, high blood pressure, kidney failure, stroke, and heart disease. It is also important to consider that coma can be caused by untreated type 1 diabetes.

Type-II diabetes is the one in which insulin is not used effectively by the body. This phenomenal term is known as insulin resistance. In the initial stages, extra insulin is made up by the pancreas in the body. It typically occurs due to high blood sugar and may involve headaches, blurred vision, fatigue (tired feeling and weakness), unexplained loss of weight (even though if one is feeling hungry and eating), frequent urination, dry mouth, increased hunger, and increase thirst. Some of the key causes resulted due to type 2 diabetes are lifestyle and genetics. Insulin resistance can be caused by the combination of these two factors.