My Personal Method for Writing Essays

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My Personal Method for Writing Essays

September 12, 2019 Blogs Sample Papers 0

Writing Essays – Every individual has a different and unique process of writing. Depending on the topic one is writing on, various ways can be adopted by the author. To me, writing a good essay is both an easy and difficult task. Organizing of thoughts is the first step I always follow before crafting my essay. Over the years, I have learned multiple methods of organizing the thoughts. This eventually has enabled me to write anything about a specific topic on a paper. In writing a persuasive essay, I will always consider the spider web system. For a long essay, I follow the Oreo method, comprising of introduction, discussion, and conclusion.

After jotting down my thoughts on a paper as a rough sketch of my essay, I research about materials that I will be required in addressing the details of my essay. Like every good writer, I prefer to state my resources from where I have collected the information from, whether it is a scholarly article, news items, or a book. After I have gathered my thoughts and related information about them, I proceed to the essential step that is writing the essay on the MS office document. I don’t why, but this process appears to be the most difficult and the longest one.

Although, some individuals do prefer crafting a rough sketch of the essay on a piece of paper and then getting it verified by peer grade or their friends, however, this idea appears to me as wastage of time. That’s why I always prefer writing directly on my laptop. Also while writing I make sure that I am proofreading every word of my essay in order to avoid grammatical mistakes or misspelled words. Once, I am done writing my essay; I always prefer getting it read and checked from any of my adults, like my parents, as they help me in finding outflows and issues within my essay. I do it so that I have the surety that my essay is well readable and understandable to others.