The Pre-Essay Writing Process

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The Pre-Essay Writing Process

February 29, 2016 Blogs Sample Papers 0

Writing Process – Most of the students face difficulty while writing their assigned essay. The reason why the fail the meet the expectations of their instructor is mainly their lack of prior planning and efforts of essay writing. Students just hold a pen and start to spill words on paper without even planning and speculating what is a need to be written. In this article, I will share few processes which must be considered before drafting an essay.

Keep Up with you reading:

In an academic career, it is very important that student pays ample attention in their classes to grasp the clear idea of the assigned assessment. Carefully listen and understand what the instructor and professor are expecting you to do. Taking clear notes of the lecture of the professor also helps to a great deal. If you have any troubles regarding the assigned task or essay, then you must consult your instructor at once.

Comprehend the assignment carefully:

Once you have noted down all the important directions of the assigned essay, you must then spend your time to comprehend the question carefully and follow all the directions given by the professor. If you cannot understand any section, you must ask you professor to avoid later disappointments.

Gather evidence:

The coherence of an essay is very important to leave a good impression on the professor. For the coherence of the essay, you need to accumulate relevant evidence that will support your argument. The lack of relevant and good evidence renders an essay into a poorly written document. It also weakens the main argument of the essay. Therefore, it is necessary that you gather all the necessary evidence before drafting your essay. You can gather statistic, reports, prior factual based analysis, or any scholar’s viewpoint to support your argument.